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All about Perennials

Updated: Mar 7, 2019

We are experts at Perennials. We've been growing them since 2003.

Perennials for dry soil in sunny gardens- give this group very good drainage and lots of sun. Too much shade and/or water will cause decline.

Artemesia- silver aromatic foliage is deer-proof, excellent for combining with blooming plants as an accent.

'Silver Mound' Artemesia

Candy Tuft- evergreen foliage, one of the first perennials to bloom in spring with snow white blossoms smothering the deep green foliage. Very deer-resistant. Ground cover habit.


Catmint 'Walker's Low'- Absolutely thrives with no care! Blooms from early summer til late fall. Deer hate it.

Catmint bloom spikes

Coreopsis- we grow many varieties, thrives on neglect. Someone once gave it the nickname "gas station plant" because it can literally grow in a pot used as a garbage can without care.

Coreopsis in a perennial garden

Ice Plant- this succulent loves hot, dry and sunny areas. Blooms all summer and spreads like a carpet. We grow several colors.

Purple Ice Plant

Lantana- two varieties that we grow are hardy to zone 7, Miss Huff & Mozelle. The hotter it gets in summer, the more they bloom. A magnet for hummingbirds and butterflies. Deer tend to steer clear of it unless they are desperate with few other options.

A crop of Mozelle Lantana- we don't just grow a few of something, we grow hundreds!

Salvia- there are many varieties of Salvia in various colors and they all perform very well with little care. Summer blooms over a long period attract hummingbirds.

'Mexican Sage' Salvia

Santolina or Lavender Cotton- A dense, mounding evergreen perennial with attractive, aromatic, finely textured foliage. Produces small, bright yellow flowers in the summer. Deer hate it!

Green Santolina Silver Santolina

Sedum species- a diverse genus of succulent plants with creeping varieties as well as upright ones. We grow many types, pictures are of just a few. Plant them in hot sunny sites, no supplemental watering needed once established.

Autumn Joy Sedum with Maiden Grass creates color that extends into late fall

Gold Moss Sedum creates a colorful carpet

Verbena, Homestead Purple- a tough perennial that blooms continuously from spring until late fall! Butterflies love it and you will love its easy, carefree nature. Excellent ground cover.

Homestead Purple Verbena, bottom right, fills in quickly and is smothered with flowers all season!

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