Bright lemon yellow tubular flowers with black throat and a long season bloom from late spring to frost. Butterflies, pollinator bees and hummingbirds will all visit the flowers!


Our baskets are custom grown here at the nursery in big 12" baskets. We blend our own custom soil and fertilize on a precise schedule with professional fertilizer that promotes healthy growth and blooms. We also apply a slow release granular fertilizer once the baskets are ready to go, which consistently provides them nutrients for six months.  When you make your purchase, we will reserve your basket and notify you when it is ready to go.


Included in the price is a $5 reservation fee that allows us to process your order and hold your basket for you. Please leave us a phone number and email at checkout so that we may let you know when your order is ready. 

Black Eyed Susan Vine Basket- Yellow (Thunbergia)

  • Grows best in moist soil in full sun. It tolerates partial shade but flowering may be reduced. Fertilize every 2 to 3 weeks with water soluble "Bloom Booster" fertilizer once the heat of summer arrives. 

    This vine will cascade down walls or from hanging baskets in addition to climbing.