Bold and beautiful, Kimberly Queen (also called sun fern because it can handle much more sun than other patio ferns) is so easy to grow. The dark green fronds are perfect for adding tropical texture to shaded decks, patios, and other outdoor living areas but you don't have to worry if the site gets some hot sun throughout the day. It's particularly striking in large containers as a specimen plant.


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Kimberly Queen Fern

  • Like most ferns, Kimberly Queen needs regular moisture, with soil that never dries out. Water the plant whenever the soil's surface feels slightly dry to your fingertip. Whether in the ground or container-grown, adequate moisture is especially important during the heat of summer and your fern will perform at its best when transplanted intoa  bigger pot.


    LIke most ferns, Kimberly Queen grows best when fertilized while it's actively growing, osmocote slow release fertilizer is a great choice, just add it to the pot without worry of burning the roots. 

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