This is a plant that really lives up to its name! Macho fern is ideal for large urns or planters where it has room to expand its graceful 3- to 4-foot-long fronds. It's ideal for decorating shaded front porches, patios, and other outdoor living areas with dappled light or cover. 


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Macho Fern

  • Transplant to a bigger pot (Macho needs room to grow) and keep your Macho Fern in a shaded or partially shaded (morning sun and afternoon shade) spot outdoors to keep it looking its best. Will look its best when protected from strong, drying winds. Water enough to keep the potting mix moist, but not wet -- typically when the top inch or so of the mix dries. This may mean watering it every day during the hottest part of the summer.

    Fertilize your macho fern every six months or so (at minimum) with a good slow release fertilizer such as Osmocote. If you want your macho fern to grow larger and faster, you can also supplement with water soluble fertilizer once a month or so. Prune to remove old, faded fronds. 

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