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"We're not just growing plants, 
we're growing a lifestyle."

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Full Bloom Nursery-
Hall County Agribusiness of the Year 2007 

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6662 Holly Springs Rd.
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Kellie and Tim Bowen 
(Owners of Full Bloom Nursery)
“Your garden will do for you in proportion to 
what you do for it”.
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"A callused palm and dirty fingernails precede a Green Thumb."

Full Bloom NurseryFull Bloom Nursery
Full Bloom NurseryFull Bloom NurseryFull Bloom NurseryFull Bloom Nursery
Full Bloom NurseryFull Bloom NurseryFull Bloom Nursery
Full Bloom NurseryFull Bloom Nursery
Full Bloom NurseryFull Bloom Nursery
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This page was last updated: April 14, 2017
Come shop a true nursery.... We have over 4 acres of perennials, landscaping shrubs, and trees in stock and 6 greenhouses that we propagate and grow plants in. You won't find a bigger selection of healthy plants at affordable prices so come see why thousands of people in our region have shopped with us!

Thanks to everyone who has helped us become one of the largest retail nurseries in northeast Georgia. We are honored to provide a service to our community, and to be a source of relaxation for our customers. Our plants are healthy and we only sell varieties that are suited for our climate. That means they'll thrive in our Georgia conditions. 

In other words, 
"Our Plants Live...... or Die Trying"!
Our line of "Toe Ticklers" are groundcovers that are perfect for filling in between stepping stones, spilling over a retaining wall, or covering a space where grass is not desired. We have hundreds of them for sun or shade.
Tim & Kellie with legendary UGA coach, Vince Dooley on October 2nd, 2010. Coach Dooley was here for a book signing and he stayed 2 hours longer than planned because so many people wanted to meet him and purchase books! Coach Dooley's newest book is "Vince Dooley's Garden- the Horticultural Journey of a Football Coach". 
Visit his website: Vince Dooley's Garden
Links to Some of Our Favorite Websites
We love dogs but ask that you please don't bring yours, with the exception of certified service dogs. We've had too many instances where our customers have stepped in the "presents" the visiting dogs have left behind that their owner didn't bother to pick up. Then there was the time that someone's German Shepard attacked our sweet golden retriever Honeybee and had her by the throat. Unfortunately, a few inconsiderate folks have forced us to adopt this policy. (Our sweet Honeybee had a stroke and passed away last May. She will be dearly missed, she was here with us from the beginning, since 2003). 
Over 4 acres of plants in a natural garden setting!

Be sure and check out our pages on annuals, perennials, vegetables, trees, etc (the purple tabs at the top of this page) for a wealth of information and growing tips on specific plants. 

We encourage you to compare our prices and quality and are confident you will find what thousands of folks already know- we are the place to shop for landscaping projects.
Our knowledgeable staff loves plants and will help you pick the right plant for the right spot. 
Kellie Bowen from Full Bloom Nursery and Gene Anderson, retired County Extension Agent, co-host Homegrown, a live radio gardening program on North Georgia's Newstalk, AM 550 and FM 102.9 WDUN Saturday mornings from 10 am to noon. You can tune in on the radio or log onto WDUN's website and click the "listen live tab" at www.wdun.com
Perennials and groundcovers in one of our propagation houses. We grow our own right here at the nursery.
I'm proud to be an American, where at least I know I'm free. And I won't forget those  who died who gave that right to me.
Please, just say NO to mulch volcanoes! In the photo above, mulch has been piled up high against the trunk of the tree. It will slowly smother and stunt the tree, along with creating a dark and damp environment for fungal diseases and wood boring insects to live happily ever after. Think about it.... when was the last time you saw Mother Nature do this? 
Who We Are

First and foremost, we farm. We grow & sell plants but we also have a working farm where we raise cattle, ride horses, and bale hay. We love the land and we love raising things. From baby calves to crops of plants, it's all interconnected. Below is one of our hayfields in summer and it's where you will find us in the hot summer months. "You gotta make hay while the sun is shining" is an old wise saying meaning that you better get to work when the work can be done. 

We spend some of our slow time riding and showing horses with the family.

In the winter, you will find us in the greenhouses growing things. In the spring, we will be at the nursery taking care of folks with "Spring Fever" and in the field watching baby calves come into the world. To the hayfield we go in summer, and in the fall we are back to selling plants for the planting season. It's a cycle we love and it keeps us busy. But that's ok, we like busy. It sure beats idle!

Our Plant Policy:

We are determined to sell quality plants at great prices. We have built a name for our business by word of mouth and would never knowingly sell unhealthy plants. We constantly receive compliments from our customers that our plants out-perform the big box stores  because they are well cared for and being locally grown, they are acclimated and go through little shock when planting in local gardens. 

However, there are a lot of factors which can cause a plant to die as it is a product of nature. Georgia red clay, late freezes, root nematodes, rodents, digging dogs, voles, improper watering - just to name a few - can cause the demise of a healthy plant. Unfortunately, we can not afford to replace plants. We would rather offer quality plants at lower prices. Large retailers offering a plant guarantee build the rate of returns into the price of their plants and this has been a major factor in the steadily increasing price of plants in the past few years at many stores. 

Very few customers ever have a problem with our plants. When we have a crop of 200 identical Azaleas, for example, and only one customer who bought some of that crop 
has a problem, we know that something happened to it after it was planted.
We are always available to help you understand what may have gone wrong with your plant, and we recommend you send us an email or drop by as soon as you see a plant looking unhappy. Many times we find the problem is something as simple as too much sun or not enough water and if the problem is remedied quickly, the plant can be saved.  
If you think that the big box stores are a better value and price, THINK AGAIN! Below are examples of "ours vs the big box stores" including Lowe's and Walmart. 
Our perennials- $6.00                                                       Their perennials- $7.00
When comparing price, consider quality and value, also. Above are plants at a big box store. 
From the left, shrubs crammed and crushed onto a metal rack. On right, stressed and dying annuals. 
This is no way to merchandise and sell plants!
Check out our Facebook page often to see what we're up to and get helpful tips.  Like us & share!

 "I love your nursery! Nicer plants, much larger selection and better prices than big chain stores. I can't see everything in one visit". 
Thank you Barbara H. for your kind comment on our Facebook page!
Peach Drift Rose is a member of the Drift Rose family that blooms all season and only grows to 2-3 feet tall. Perfect for those smaller spaces! We have hundreds of Drift roses in several colors grown by us right here at the nursery. They are beautiful!

Our annuals- $2.50 for 4" pot and $3.50 for quart pot                       Their annuals- $3.97
Our homegrown dwarf butterfly bushes are one of our most popular blooming shrubs. They stay neat and tidy, blooming from spring until frost, and only grow to 3-4 feet tall. Hummingbirds and butterflies can't resist them!
Our nursery is a relaxing, peaceful environment with acres of plants displayed in a natural setting. No plants sitting on asphalt in a parking lot!
Topics of Interest
Summer and fall blooming perennials such as sedum, Mexican sage, perennial chrysanthemum, and saliva all provide nectar for butterflies and hummingbirds who are feeding heavily in preparation for winter migration. Plus they add late season color to the garden. Pair them with ornamental grasses and conifers such as Gold Mop cypress for a dazzling fall garden.
Camellia japonica "Tri Color" in stock now. A beautiful and unusual variety.
If you have a narrow space where you need to create privacy, but typical evergreen trees such as Leyland Cypress get too wide, the Emerald Green Arborvitae is a good solution. Grows to 12-15 ft high by 3-4 ft wide.
Fall color of Mt. Airy Fothergilla, a native shrub. White bottlebrush blooms in late spring plus fall color make this an excellent multi-season shrub. Leaves are a kaleidoscope of vivid orange, gold, and burgundy in the fall. In stock now.
Notes From the Field.... 
Check out our new page "Landscaping Ideas"  for design ideas, pictures of what works and why, and inspiration! New events have been added to our "Calendar" page.
​       Our Spring inventory is at its peak! 

Mark you calendar for our annual Spring Open House 
Saturday April 29th from 8 am to 5 pm
We have a lot in store for you growing in our greenhouses! Miniature gardens (new this year and they are FUN to make) and mixed hanging baskets, just to name a few.
We're also growing a very diverse and cool selection of succulents, some you've never seen before!
Summer annuals, vegetables and herbs are at peak inventory and now is a great time to plant them.
If you have Spring Fever, we have the cure!